Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I choose IP ?

I graduated with majors in Agricultural Engineering in the year 2006. Then, I went on to work for a Tractor & Ag Machinery manufacturing firm. My brief stint with the organization has given me an opportunity to understand the true value of innovation in the market place. Companies invariably try harder to steer themselves clear out of the commodity hell. They wanted their products to be seen as products rather than as mere commodities. This reinforced my conviction on innovation and the importance of managing it effectively. When I first came across admission notification for this program on IP & Technology Management, I felt it was something that I was looking for to enhance my understanding and further hone my skills especially at times when the effect of recession is taking a deeper cut and making careers redundant over night. Having closely seen the role of IP attorney in shaping the company’s direction, I felt excited to wear that hat and so I am here today doing my PG Diploma in Intellectual Property & Technology Management.

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