Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let Us Make India Innovative

Thanks Amol for sharing valuable information about NIF (national innovation foundation) of India has been established by The Department of Science and Technology, on 28th Feb.2000. The foundation has main aim to support Grassroot Innovators by bringing their creativities and ideas to the formal system. It also takes initiative to protect their intellectual properties as well as supports to maintain a database of 10,000 innovations. NIF has various other objectives and achievements as discussed in an earlier post entitled “NIF- Helping hand for Grassroot innovators” by Amol. NIF not only helps grassroot innovators also protects our Traditional Knowledge.

Personally NIF has influenced me to think about grassroot innovators who have vast knowledge pool but not aware about how to protect and make commercial use of it. As a student of intellectual property rights and citizen of India, I think it is my responsibility to make people (innovators) educate about their rights and also help to protect them. By protecting and commercially utilizing various innovations from across the country will definitely make India as global leader in sustainable technologies as well as develop economically stable society. Protection of green grassroots innovations will help India become an innovative and creative society.

Next week I will be part of a Shodh Yatra( to Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh. Shodh Yatra is a pilgrimage to the remote area for the search of knowledge, creativity and innovations at grassroots. The main aim of the journey is to understand and make document of traditional knowledge, grassroots innovations that have not only simplified the lives of men, women and farm workers but have also significantly contributed towards the conservation of bio-diversity and those help to solve or minimize the problems of the society. This journey is not only to gain knowledge is also about the sharing of knowledge.

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