Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A visit by Dr. Victoria Henson-Apollonio to NAARM..

There has been one interesting development which took place recently at NAARM not so long ago and, that is visit to NAARM by Dr. Victoria Henson-Apollonio who is a senior scientist and manager of CAS IP since its creation in 2000.

Her unique background combines both scientific and academic achievement with real-life IP expertise. She has many years practical experience as a patent agent and as a technology transfer (TT) and patent specialist at the Argonne National Laboratory and as a tenured member of the faculty of the Department of Biology at Purdue University, USA. This overlap of scientific and legal skills makes her exceptionally well placed to offer advice on IP and TT issues in agriculture. A graduate from the University of Florida’s College of Agriculture (Major in Animal Science), Victoria holds a PhD in Pathology (College of Medicine; University of Florida) and is a registered U.S. Patent Agent.

She talked to us about general IP issues and CG system. It was an hour long interaction but was fruitful in more than one way as it turned out to be a motivational lecture for all us. She talked to us various facets of IP, technology transfer, some of the issues that are likely to crop up and the like. Now, that we have begun to understand basics of patents, the effects, affects and implications of what Dr. Victoria was saying was much more meaningful to us than it would have been 3-4 months back. It was very encouraging to think that we are progressing at such a good pace in our journey of IP.

Many of us were motivated to go for higher studies after what she said especially the fact that non legal professionals like us are not totally at a disadvantage when it comes to legal studies.

In the end there was a small gift exchange ceremony and photographs were clicked. Our Course director Dr Kalpana thanked Dr. Victoria and presented her a token of our gratitude. Dr. Victoria in turn had presented all of us with a box of candies which she had brought as a present for all of us.

To sum up it was a warm interaction and a very enlightening one as well. We look forward to such interactions in future also.

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