Friday, December 4, 2009

Again Microsoft under infringement threat (windows 7 issue)

The patent which issued by Implicit Network (Technology Licensing company) in year 2003 ,US6629163 with title “Method and system for demultiplexing a first sequence of packet components to identify specific components wherein subsequent components are processed without re-identifying components” has filed case in California district court and alleged that the big software Player Microsoft had breached a patent.Implicit Network has said that Microsoft used above patented method and system in Microsoft’s windows Filtering Platform. Also Implicit Network has added that this same patented method and system also used not only in Window’s 7 but also in Window’s Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Implicit Network which has had the patent assigned to it by an individual called Edward Balassanian, wants a jury trial and damages for the alleged breach of the patent. Implicit Network has done battle with Sun, AMD, Intel and NVIDIA already for other infringement cases. Microsoft does not have any option other than to add Implicit Network as licens0r. Earlier also Microsoft faced with lot of infringement cases and also they have lost lot of money on infringement.

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