Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Private sector ruling the whole game

Status of the crop wise application received in 2010 (as on 31st May, 2010) by the PPV and FR Authority:
New Plant variety: Rice (15), Maize (14), Bread Wheat (1), Pigeon pea (4), Pearl millet (13), Sorghum (7), Chickpea (0), Garden pea (Field pea) (0), Lentil (0), Black gram (0), Green gram (0), Cotton (56), Jute (0), Sugarcane (2) and Total (112)
Extant Variety: Rice (0), Maize (0), Bread wheat (0), Pigeonpea (0), Pearlmillet (0), Sorghum (0), Chickpea (0), Fieldpea (0), Lentil (0), Black gram (0), Green gram (0), Cotton (14), Jute (0), Sugarcane (0) and Total (14)
Farmars Variety: No filings in any of the above mentioned crops

It is quite evident from the above mentioned data that private sector is filing intensively for protection of their varieties under Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers Rights Act, 2001. We can make this interpretation on the basis of the crops which are leading in terms of filing. For example, if we take the case of filings under the category of New Plant Varieties, Cotton is leading with 56 applications, only up to May, 2010 followed by Rice (15), Maize (14) and Pearl millet (13), all are commercially viable crops and private sector is dominant over public sector for investments in R&D and development of new hybrids for these crops. No filings are there for Chickpea, Field pea, Lentil, Black gram, Green Gram and Jute, where public sector dominates. This is a clear indication of dominance of Private Sector Seed Industry over the Public Sector.

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