Monday, August 30, 2010

Patent Office vs Judicial System

There is a growing discordant between the patent office, which wants to nurture innovation, and the judiciary, which is keen to protect the interest of people who can't afford expensive medicines. It is not the only reason but the speed in which patent office had granted 40,000 patents in the last three years. The staff in the patent offices remain the same as it was in 2005 but the grant of patents has increased 8 times. The question on everyone's mind is: but how? How-come the patent office's slog over-styled strategy has become so fast over the years.
The reason being the task pursued by the patent office to promote the innovation ecosystem in the country. But it stands in stark contrast to the judicial system viewpoint which considers the cost of medicine to the masses first.

The net result: the cutting edge of innovation is often blunted in the process of patenting, and researchers stand to lose the most. But, I believe the evolving patent system and awareness about Intellectual Property Rights would definitely help in building the desired understanding and harmony between the two in the time to come.

Anil Hooda- Technology Associate
Skyquest Technology Group

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