Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The truth behind humanitarian use of Golden Rice

Golden Rice is a genetically modified rice which contains genes that produce high levels of beta carotene & related compounds. The said compounds get converted into crucially needed Vitamin A and thus helps in countering the problem of night blindness in humans. Golden rice was primarily developed for rich world considering the craze of neutraceuticals (new generation food and health supplements) in these markets.
But unfortunately its commercialization became impossible as it was surrounded by more than 70 patents and patent applications across the world. The total licensing fees was so huge that it became quite difficult to go ahead with its commercialization. Thus it leads to a stalemate, the solution for which was almost unseen. The only solution conceived was its commercialization through humanitarian licensing in developing countries.
Hence the tool of "humanitarian use" was purported at breaking the stalemate caused by the patent thicket and not the malnutrition problems prevailing in the developing countries.

Anil Hooda -Technology Associate
Skyquest Technology Group

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Anuradha Varma said...

Nice article Anil, very relevant and precise information as well as interesting too.