Friday, October 15, 2010

Off shoring IP Services: India to be the first choice...

Outsourcing is now a days serving as a cost saving and effective strategy to almost all the industries being it Call Centre Industry, Legal Service Industry, Research and Analysis Industry, Health care, Banking and Financial Industry, Software and IT Industry, Data and Document Management Industry.
The recent studies reveals that as compared to other industries Legal Service Industry has gained a very high momentum. Amongst legal outsourcing, IP has gained utmost attention. India has always been valued for the talent pool and now being recognized by the Developed Countries as the hub for rendering IP and research services.
Trends reveal that total revenue generation from patent off shoring industry were about $ 46 million dollars for the year 2007 and is expected to reach to a level of $ 206 million by the year 2012. This data shows a multi folds rise in the revenue generation. This concept is considered to be at a very rudimentary stage in India and is only 3-4 years old. By end of the year 2007, there were only around 50 companies providing these services with the head count of around 1,550. The Indian IP off shoring industry is expected to rise by 35% for the next 4 years.
There is a huge potential for Indian investors to develop such capabilities and capture the market from all over the world, subsequently India can rise as a "Superpower" in the field of IP. Also, there are immense opportunities for the IP professionals like us to flourish.


Hari Mohan said...

I have a fresh data of the IPR billings for the year 2009 which is $222 million, far exceeding the projected figures of 2007. Let's hope that this momentum will continue and may god bless this soul called "Obama" who might not want to take our jobs away.

Anuradha Varma said...


Thanks for the data. Can you please share the source of this data with us?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anuradha and Hari,

IP outsourcing could be a a big opportunity. U can connect with me. Look for my profile on Linked in. Check for Vietnam/TCS etc.

Let us connect. I would like to explore more on this topic. Who knows we can work together.