Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IP: Innovative Tool for Gaining Publicity

Every now and then we get to know that upcoming movie has been a case of IP controversy. I always wonder, why the launch of the new movie is never delayed or obstructed because of this. All of them release well on time and most of the times get huge success, as it is evident in case of 3 Idiots and Dabang. Now, recently Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s, Hritik and Aishwarya starrer “Guzarish” has come into picture for infringing the Copyrights of Dayanand Raajans, whose novel’s theme and characters are supposed to be lifted for the movie. Just before the release or on the release of a movie such controversies pop up and we keep on following the news that what will happen now? But, after few days for almost all the cases there is never an interesting conclusion, they simply opt for out of court settlement (Zandu balm Case against Arbaz Khan). In this case it has been reported that the sales of Zandu Balm got a reasonably good hike after this controversy, which they can never achieve through traditional marketing strategies and the movie “Dabang” plus the song “Munni Badnam” got a good popularity as well.

I get puzzled sometimes that all these disputes are fashioned just for publicity or people are really concerned for protecting their Intellectual Property. Whatever the reason may be, keeping aside the publicity stunts, I am delighted because it is creating awareness about the IP issues amongst the common man. Thanks to media that despite highlighting all the time “Breaking News on Rakhi Sawant”, they sometimes bring these critical issues into notice and people are now becoming more educated on how to protect their intellectual assets.


Hari Mohan said...

Interesting thoughts Anu, thanks! Very few would like to take a preventive (or proactive) approach when it comes to IP infringement or violation of rights. Many don't know the real value of their IP or don't atleast know how to exploit it to their advantage untill someone trespasses it and enjoys some fiduciary gains, so that the true IP owner can easily part the gains instead of going on her own. A profitable yet cheap way of enforcing one's IP.

Anuradha Varma said...

Thanks Hari for your valuable comment. I completely agree with you.