Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Summary of Plant Variety Journal – December, 2010

Plant variety journal of December, 2010 (here) has been published byProtection of Plant Variety & farmers’ Rights Authority (PPV&FRA). There are two notices have been issued (i)Reconstitution of EVRC under regulation 6 of PPV&FR Regulations (ii)Registrations certificates for 49 varieties have been issued on 20.10.2010 under section 25 of the PPV & FR Act, 2001. Total number of applications published in above said Plant Variety Journal are four only. All the four varieties are owned by private sectors i.e. Krishidhan Seeds Ltd, Nirmal Seeds Pvt Ltd). For our readers I would like to provide simplified information under the following categories:

Applicants for published application –

(A) From Private sector,

(i) Krishidhan Seeds Limited is the applicant for two applications, for Cotton(1) & Maize(1).

(ii) Nirmal Seeds Private Limited is the applicant for two applications, for Green Gram variety.

(B) From Public Sector- No Application.

Variety Category: Categorized as per provisions of PPV&FR Act, 2001(Sec.15)

(i) Extant variety of Common Knowledge (Application – 1), which is owned by Nirmal Seeds Private Limited

(ii)New variety (Applications - 3), out of which two are owned by Nirmal Seeds Private Limited and one by Krishidhan Seeds Limited .

Crop Wise:

(i) Green Gram -(2)

(ii) Cotton- (1)

(iii) Maize- (1)

Procedure is open to Public: Now it’s time for interested parties to oppose the advertisements within three months from the date of advertisement of the application(s) by giving notice of opposition (Form PV-3 of the First Schedule of PPV&FR Rules, 2003). Oppositions, can be made in prescribed format (triplicate) accompanied with the fee of Rs.1,500/- by way of Demand Draft drawn in favour of “The Registrar, PPV & FR Authority” payable at New Delhi.

There is an increasing trend of applications being received by the Authority / Registry under various varietal categories. Now, it is the time for the Registry to show its efficiency in processing these applications at the earliest. We hope that with the change in the Authorities membership setup there would be a change in the publication trends too.

For any clarification, if required then please contact to;

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