Monday, January 17, 2011

Chinnappa Toys Vs China Toys

According to ET (here). Channapatna wooden toys, a registered Geographical Indication (GI) of Karnataka state facing major problems due to China-made lookalikes toys .Channapatna toy can cost Rs 100, the same Chinese toy retails for just Rs 40.According to the complaint received by the Karnataka State Handicrafts Corporation that Chinese toys are being sold as Channapatna toys not only in India but also abroad. Now the said corporation is trying to prohibit such practices by legal tools.

Difference between Chinnappa toy & China toy:
1. Chinese toys are made up of jungle wood or rubber wood, while Chinnappa toys are made of ‘hale’ (soft) wood
2. Chinese toys are made up with use of chemical dyes, varnish and paint while Chinnappa toys by vegetable-based dyes and lacquer.
3. Chinese toys are chiselled and polished by machines while our toys are worked on by hand.
Procedure :
The Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act, 1999 have some provisions in chapter VII: Offences, Penalties and Procedure. This can be use to initiated appropriate action against the Chinese toys makers.

A complaint can be made for offences under the Section 39, 40, 41 of the said act to any police officer not below the rank of DSP (Deputy Superintendent of police) or equivalent. If the officer satisfied then he has power to search & seize without warrant.
We hope that the product which is coming out from the massive efforts of the producers should not face such kinds of problems due to fake products.Proper enforcemnet procedures must be adopted at the earlist.

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Pranesh said...

From what I know, these are called 'Channapatna toys', named after the town. There is no such thing as 'Chinnappa toys'. :)