Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IBM owns maximum US patents in 2010

IBM Corp. topped the list of U.S. patent winners in 2010 for the 18th year in a row, IBM inventors were granted 5,896 patents during the year 2010, followed by Samsung Electronics Co., with 4,551 patents.

List of top 10 Companies with maximum 
U.S. patents awarded in the year 2010:

1. IBM Corp. (5,896)
2. Samsung Electronics Co. (4,551)
3. Microsoft Corp. (3,094)
4. Canon Inc. (2,552)
5. Panasonic Corp. (2,482)
6. Toshiba Corp. (2,246)
7. Sony Corp. (2,150)
8. Intel Corp. (1,653)
9. LG Electronics (1,490)
10. Hewlett-Packard Co. (1,480)

IBM's patents were generated in 2010 by more than 7,000 inventors in 46 states and 29countries working under an annual budget of about $6 billion.

Among the patents IBM won in 2010 were those for:
- A method for gathering, analyzing and processing patient information from multiple data sources to provide more effective diagnoses of medical conditions
- A system for predicting traffic conditions based on information exchanged over short-range wireless communications
- A technique that analyzes data from sensors in computer hard drives to enable faster emergency response in the event of earthquakes and other disasters
- Technology that lets computer chips to communicate using pulses of light instead of electrical signals, which could help computers work faster.


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