Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks Resigns

Transperancy in IPO is now at stake as The Controller Mr. P.H. Kurian makes a sudden exit. Its a shocking and surprising news for all of the IP Professionals as Mr. Kurian still had many more months left in his tenure.
Mr. Kurien had incorporated many new initiatives to bring transperancy in the working of Indian Patent office. Some of these initiatives are mentioned as follows:
1. Upgraded the technology used in operations of IPO
2. Reconstuction of 4404 missing trademark files etc.
People involved in the IP industry are now wondering that what will happen to these initiatives, whether they will be carry forwarded by the new Controller General or not?
Lets be hopeful and wish Mr. Kurien success in his future endeavors on behalf of all the members of Gen X Ideas on IP.


Aruna said...

Tnanks Anu for posting....

Shailendra said...

Its really very shocking to hear this as several initiatives were taken by him to standardize the working of Indian Patent Office.