Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IP Protection of Seeds: Technology Enters Indian Market

IP protection of seeds is an innovative technology and is one of its kind, which enables seed, grain, and other bulk commodities to be identified accurately and cost effectively right down to an individual batch number. This provides both detection of counterfeit target commodities, and a control mechanism for internal or cross border end-to-end supply chain management.
2 kinds of technologies are available:
Visual Protection of Seeds: Small dots, with the specific text, can be embarked on the seeds by means of special and dedicated equipment and protocols. The dots (<0.2mm) can be checked easily with a potable microscope.
Non Visible Protection of Seeds: Markers can be imprinted on the seeds by means of coating equipment or protocols. Special coating can be read with a special reader to read out a generic code or company specific code. Tracer/ marker can even be picked up/ read from left-over seed skin, various weeks after planting. Thus, Seed Companies can trace their seed material even in the fields many days after sowing also.
This Technology offers following advantages:
• Better and tamper proof protection of seeds
• Prevents counterfeiting, product diversion, false warranty claims etc
• 100 % Proof of ownership
• General Batch ID on seeds
• Tractability in the soil
• Forensic proof of origin
• Confidence and reliability
• GMO Supportive (possibility to trace commodities with and without GMO)
• Cross border control, trace the product in several regions, countries
• Multilayer and Multiple key technology

Similarly, IP protection on packaging material can also be done with visible and cover protected labels. The advantage is that, the code is even traceable when the label is removed. Also, the labels cannot be removed without visually damaging of the labels; the labels can be made with the logo of the Proprietor Company or any other specific text.
In 2010, during summer season, farmers of A.P. raised the concern and protested against spurious seeds that had flooded the market, this protest had prompted state government to detect and seize the spurious seed marketed by some companies. Thereby to solve such IP based issues,this technology can prove to be a rescuer. This technology (identification and authentication technology) has been adopted by Hyderabad based Seed works India Pvt. Ltd.


kalpana said...

Thanks,Anuradha for this update. Did not know about this technology. Is it marker based?

Anuradha Varma said...

Dear Mam, I dont think its DNA marker based, I think its some kind of chemical based coating. I am also trying to find out the protocol of this technology, If I get to know I will share it.

Manpreet Hora said...

Thanks, Anuradha for pointing out the two technologies known as Datadot and Datatrace technologies. Full details on above can be accessed from the link:

Manpreet Hora said...

The DataTraceDNA® forensic Tracers act as an invisible barcode.
The forensic Tracers bond to the molecular structure of the host material.Once bonded to your product, DataTraceDNA protects the integrity of your supply chain.
Forensic Tracers consist of invisible pigments to establish your products identity.
It’s your molecular signature, just like fingerprints or DNA.
Inert, safe, long lasting and strong. Some of the available tracers withstand explosions, fire and heat to 1,000 degrees centigrade.

Anuradha Varma said...

Thanks Manpreet for the description..