Friday, November 27, 2009

Gyan Shodh III: A Social Internship

"Gyan Shodh" - a social Internship,  which was first conducted in June 2009 with the participation of BITS, Pilani students and repeated by PG IPTMA  students of NAARM in Sep 09 has been appreciated by the participants and and those who went through the reports of GYan Shodh I and II. AP honey Bes network has expressed thanks all gyan shodhis; BITS, Pilani approached Honeybee AP to conduct it as part of their two months Practice School in May 2010. They accepted it with humility and resolved to make it a permanent feature for that great Institution by conducting it effectively.
 This is more than just information and reminds us especially younger generations like us of our social responsibility. This is more important for IP professionals like us who run after innovation and knowledge management at a sophisticated lab level but ignore the innovations and traditional knowledge lying untapped , unprotected in our forests, villages etc. Gyan Shodh nothing  but a pilgrimage to these temples of knowledge.  NIF (National Innovation Foundation) has taken up this very challenging task of knowledge scouting in these forgotten areas and AP honey bee network is their supporter in AP.  
They have decided to conduct a Gyan Shodh in December,2009 and the venues chosen are forest and Northern tribal area of Warangal dist. from 6-13 Dec 09. Third option is in tribal area of Adilabad dist. The venues for arrival will be Srisailam. warangal and Utnur respectively on the appointed day.
 This being voluntary in nature, the entire expenses will be borne by all the participants and the coordinators equally. Those who cannot afford will be helped by those who can afford. Rs 100 per day would be sufficient for the duration as an average estimate. More details once the venue is finalized.
This is an appeal from AP honey bee Network to you all to participate in  this journey and contribute to society, to country along with leveraging this chance for self development and some adventure during holidays.

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