Friday, January 15, 2010

Who was? Who is? Who will be? The most prolific inventor of most us patents ……

Earlier Thomas Edison was known as the top most patent holder but now the figure has been changed which say that Shunpei Yamazaki is the world no 1 and 2nd in history of prolific inventor. For more than 50 years, Thomas Edison has been considered the nation's all-time most prolific inventor. He has 1,093 patents to his name, including the electric light bulb and phonograph. List of the Thomas Edison patent here

1. Shunpei Yamazaki, Japan, 1,432 patents. (See the all patent here) The top individual holder of U.S. patents is based at Tokyo tech research firm Semiconductor Energy Laboratory. For decades, the popular assumption has been that Thomas Edison is the all-time patent king with 1,093 patents. Yamazaki blows away Edison, and he is still inventing and getting patents.

2. Donald Weder, who is still alive and whose family runs floral packaging company Highland Supply, has his name on 1,321 patents. Almost all have to do with items you'd find at a florist

Note: list of the world's most prolific inventors alive (three of them have more patents than Thomas Edison) (1)Shunpei Yamazaki. (2) Donald Weder (3) Kia Silverbrook (4) George Spector ( 5) Gurtej Sandhu ( 6 )Leonard Forbes (7) Warren Farnworth (8) Salman Akram (9) Mark Gardner (10) Joseph Straeter.

SOURCE :ustoday ,weekipedia

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