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Nashik Grapes is seeking GI Tag

As we all are familiar that the botanical name of Grape is Vitis vinifera L. is now seeking Geographical Indication (GI) tag. An Application for GI registration of “nashik grapes” has been made by Nashik Grapes Farmer’s Society of Maharashtra. Entire process was facilitated by Great Mission Group Society. Nashik Grapes received Application No.165 in respect of Horticultural Product (Grapes) falling in Class – 31. The GI Application has been advertised on 4 June, 2010. Now application is open for opposition.

History: The Table Grape revolution was started in Ojhar (MIG) a small town near Nashik in early 1925 by Shree Ramrao Jairamji Gaikwad, also known to have been the first person to commercially grow Table Grapes in Maharashtra. He is very well known as the “Father of Indian Grapes”.

Specification: Nashik is famous for its Table Grapes for a very long time. Table Grapes are also used to make Raisins and Juices.

1. Grapes have an attractive appearance, conical bunch shape. Loose yet well filled, bunches, bold and elongated berries with thin soft skin, crisp pulp and few seeds. They have attractive colours.

2.Bunch size 350-500g, and berries of Table grapes are (a) Clean, sound, free of any visible foreign matter; (b) Free of pests, affecting the general appearance of the produce; (c) Free of damage caused by pests and diseases; (d) Free of abnormal external moisture; (e) Free of any foreign smell and / or taste; (f) Free of all visible traces of moulds; (g) Berries are intact, well formed and normally developed, weighing approx 3.5 to 4.0g with 18mm in diameter.

3. They have minimum soluble solids of 18°Brix. (Note: One degree Brix represents 1 gram of sucrose in 100 hundred grams of solution)

4. They have minimum sugar / acid ratio of 20: 1.

5. They have high level of Acid and low level of pH. As the level of acid is high Nashik Grapes are long lasting and has good keeping quality and does not get affected by fungus.

Varieties coming under Nasik grapes: Approximately 7 varieties of grapes grown in Nashik viz. 1. Thompson Seedless, 2. Tas – A – Ganesh, 3. Sonaka, 4. Manik Chaman, 5. Sharad Seedless, 6. Jumbo Seedless 7. Black Sonaka.

Location specialty: Nashik District located between 18.33o and 20.53o North Latitude and Between 73.16o and 75.16o East Longitude in the state of Maharashtra. Nashik is the only region that lies near 20o and produces good quality of grapes. Other international region lies between 30o and 40o. Harvesting period of Nashik region is from February to April and Nashik is the only region as compared to whole world in which harvesting is done during this period. So because of this reason, at International level nashik grapes hold large market and fetch good price.

Area of Cultivation: Total Geographical Area of Nashik District is 15, 63,042 Ha out of which 8, 65,000 Ha is under Grapes cultivation. Soil characteristics: Nashik has Medium Deep Black type of Soil, pH 7-9, EC (mmhos per cm) 0.3-4.0, Exchangeable Sodium Percentage (ESP)12-48 ,Organic Carbon % 0.4-12 , EC (me/100g) 20.0-48.0

Note: National Research Centre for Grapes is located in Pune, Maharashtra. NRC-Grapes is advising farmer to farm related problems.

If all is well than we’ll enjoy the great taste of Indian Nashik Grapes holding a GI tag soon. Moreover, the farmers and all other stakeholders of the grape supply chain already connected through the Grapenet” would be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Source: GI Journal

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