Friday, June 4, 2010

Navsari Agriculture University develops new variety of turmeric:


A new variety of turmeric known as NAU Turmeric 1, which is resistant to diseases and high in yield with better curcumin content has been developed under the guidance of Prof P. S. Vashi in Navsari Agriculture University.

“The NAU Turmeric 1 is resistant to Rhizome rot which is most common problem faced by the farmers in South Gujarat. The farmers here are using Sugandam and kesar variety of turmeric which are susceptible to Rhizome rot

CHARACTERISTICS: NAU Turmeric 1 has yield of 35-40 tonnes per hectare while the traditional Sugandham variety has yield of 15—20 tonnes per hectare. Also the curcumin, content which determines the quality of turmeric, is also better in NAU Turmeric 1. It can be identified easily as it has darker and broader leaves than the Sughandham variety.

This new Variety can be submit according to the DUS guidelines (Turmeric) which has been formulated by plant variety authority of India.

Note: The DUS test Guidelines for Turmeric was developed by Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut and finalized by the task force constituted by PPV & FR Authority

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