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Status of Farmer’s Varieties under PPV&FR -13th August, 2011

India’s PPV&FR Act, 2001 has the provisions of Plant Variety Registration for various kinds of varieties as New, Essentially Derived Varieties (EDV), and Extant. Farmer Variety comes under the purview of the Extant Variety category. Farmer Variety (FV) has been defined under the Section 2(l) of PPV&FR Act as a variety which-(i) has been traditionally cultivated and evolved by the farmers in their fields; or (ii) is a wild relative or land race of a variety about which the farmers possess the common knowledge.
According to the information updated on Authority’s website (
here), 226 applications have been filed under the extant variety category as farmer variety till 13th July, 2011. Plant Varieties Registry has been issued the certificates for the three rice varieties as (i) Tilak Chandan (ii) Hansraj and (iii) INDRASAN. The remaining varieties are under the process, if they satisfied the criteria formulated by the authority then certificate can be issued.
Under the farmer’s variety category, Rice is the crops for which highest no of applications were filed and certificates issued. The details about the crop wise applications as follows;

Rice (Oryza sativa): 210 Applications were filed & 3 have been registered.
Wheat (Triticum astivum): 6 Applications were filed & all are under examination stage.
Frenchbean / Kidney bean (Phasealues vulgaris):5 Applications were filed & all are under examination stage.
Bengal Gram(Cicer arietinum):2 Applications were filed & all are under examination stage.
Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan): 2 Applications were filed & all are under examination stage.
Jowar (Sorghum bicolor):1 Applications were filed & all are under examination stage.
In the year of 2011, highest no's of applications were filed. The detail about the year wise filings as follow;

1. In November, 2006: Registration procees was opened & no application was filed for farmer's varieties.
2. In the end of 2007: 2 applications for paddy named as Tilakchandan & Hansraj were filed. Registration certificates for both varities is also granted.
3. In the end of 2008: 5 applications for registration were filed, out of five four application was for paddy and one was for Cicer aritinium. Registration certficate for one more paddy variety named as INDRASAN, applied in 2008 is granted.

4. In the end of 2009: 44 applications for registration were filed for various crops as Paddy, Piegon pea, Bengal gram and sorghum.All are still inexamination phase.
5. In the end of 2010: 4 applications for registration were filed for Kidney bean(French bean) were filed. All are still inexamination phase.
6. In the end of 2011: 171 applications for registration of paddy were filed. This increased in filing trade has came due to colloborative efforts of Orissa government & M S Swaminathan Research Foundation gound work.

As the India’s Plant Variety Protection Law has the unique provision of Farmer Variety (FV) compare to most of the countries in the world. It will help the farmer community to establish their right under the provisions of said Act & Rules, and enjoy the proprietorship and other benefits.

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